Most Hated Slot Machines

Not every slot machine is made the same. These differences can be very subtle or very distinct. Sometimes these little differences or big ones can cause people to really hate a slot machine.

Over time the evolution of slots has seen some major changes and most are for the better of the games. Today’s slots are very unique and innovative that it’s hard to find something wrong with them. However, this change has not pushed out the remnants of the past slot machines. You can still find old characteristics in today’s slots. One would wonder why put old traits into new technology? I surely don’t have the answer. But I do know that these slots are hated by most.

Fruit Slots

The fruit slots are a classic in the slot world. They have a place in history for sure, but that place was 20 years ago, yet you can still find them in today’s slot market. I suppose the older generation still enjoy them, but overall they are hated in the gambling industry and they would best left to the side.

Penny Slots

A penny slot is just what it sounds like. They are very low priced slots that you can play for a penny. There is really no point in playing these, at least not if you want to win some actual money. You can sit there all day and they can be a good way to waste some time if you have little cash or just want to have a little fun.

But, most of us play slots not just to enjoy ourselves, we want to win! You can’t win much on a penny slot and they just aren’t worth playing anymore. Nothing costs less than a buck these days, and you may be lucky to win enough money to buy yourself an overpriced soda at the concessions when you’re finished.

No Jackpot Slots

Seriously, why would a casino not attach a jackpot to every slot they have? The online industry has caught on to this and offers just about every slot with a jackpot. If you don’t have a jackpot, people don’t want to play it. People want the lure of being able to win big money. And even they don’t hit that massive jackpot; they can still have the pleasure of telling their mates the story of how they almost hit it.